Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday~The Vacation Edition

I'm sure there are tons of articles out right now about having an inexpensive vacation. I haven't looked because we've never not had an inexpensive vacation. Most years we don't have a vacation at all. We did take the kids for a trip to Holiday World last year (don on the cheap) but this year with L's appendectomy to pay for and orthodontia for S rearing it's ugly head even that was out of bounds. We could have done absolutely nothing, but that would have left dh feeling like he might as well have worked so here's what we did last week.

Mon-Indy Children's Museum $67 for 2 adults/4 kids/free 1yo
fun and educational, everyone had fun, we brought our own picnic lunch and snacks

Tue-buffet at Pizza Hut $30
we don't go out to eat or buy pizza usually so this was a treat for the kids, dh stayed home, we played games that afternoon,
I don't usually have time to do that so it seemed special. I had planned on taking advantage of dollar day at the pool but
weirdly for July it was chilly

Wed-Harry Potter $28 for me and 5 kids, no concessions but (bad me) I snuck in twizzlers in my purse

Thu-Tincaps game $45 We like baseball games. I did spend $25 on concessions.
We took the two littlest ones to the free splash park that afternoon to make up for no game. Dh and ds opted to stay
home so no sitter needed.

Fri-Fort Wayne Children's Zoo $67 for pass. I bought a zoo pass last year so cost
was already payed. We hadn't been to see their new African Exhibit, which was very good, so it seemed new. We again
brought a picnic lunch and played at the park.

Sat-Fired up the barbie and cooked out. We don't do that too much so it seemed like a treat. Hot dogs, burger,chicken. Yum
I had all the food in the freezer so no extra $$ spent over normal groceries. Dh and I hung out with the little kids and
took them to the park.

Sun-The kids and I went to church except for dh and 15yo who went browsing at sporting goods stores. Different stroke, etc.
We took the kids who were interested swimming -$6

So $268 for vacation counting the zoo pass. I probably spent some gas money so call it $300. Not free but not bad for 9 people to have a good week.

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Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

That is great! I am sure that your kids all had fun and made memories to last a lifetime! Good job!