Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Post Labor Day Haze

We had a good weekend here. Saturday had the best weather and luckily that day we went to the Toledo Zoo. Lots of fun. Sunday we went to a cookout and Monday we just kind of hung out. The kids are all feeling better. S quit his job so he can work on his Eagle project and attend some other clubs he's had to do without. It's clean out the freezer week so...
Menus this week:
Mon-stew (leftover meat and carrots) w/dumplings, leftover fruit tray
Tue-macaroni&cheese w/ham, broccoli, grapes
Wed-spaghetti &meatballs, salad, strawberries
Thu-baked chicken thighs, green beans, salad,pudding
Fri-rice/ham/cheese casserole, peas, fruit salad
Sat- hamburgers, relishes, ice cream w/raspberries (providing they're ripe)
Sun-leftover clean out or pbj

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