Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday School Report

So, as we all know I'm the poster child for ADD so.... to keep me reminded of what we did get done and to satisfy all the family and friends who wonder just what are you teaching them:

The year up to now
all summer we reviewed math and language arts and studied some American history
Since beginning in earnest for the fall we've studied
LA-comprehension skills, reading cues, reference book use, alphabetizing and the dewey decimal system and sequencing skills, we've done vocabulary skills (synonyms, homonyms, etc), reading aloud processing skills and more work on reading comprehension
Math-number theory and systems (place value, expanded form), addition up to 5 digits and an extensive review of math facts using Rightstart, also story problems and patterns
History-ancient history from the nomads through mesopotamia, Egypt and Assyrians and Phoenicians
Science-in depth study of earth science, began weather this week
Vocabulary -lists done weekly
Read Alouds-Detectives in Togas, Red Sails to Capri, Magic School Bus and Magic Tree House books , A Cricket in Times Square and numerous Greek Myths and Aesop's Fables
For my step-mom who worries they are being kept away from the world he has soccer on Monday and Saturday, Kid's Klub on Wed, homeschool Spanish class on Wed and homeschool PE on Thurs and of course every kid in the neighborhood is here to play with Mr. Popularity after school.

Miss Mel-
Letter of the Week ~A, M, S, F
Read Aloud~Dr. Suess, Amelia Bedelia, Beatrix Potter, Fairytales and anything else that catches her eye at the library
Science-Bearanstain Bears Big Book of Science, Usborne Beginner Science Books
Social Studies-Books about different people and places and children around the world
Her social schedule is the same as ds's.

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