Sunday, September 20, 2009

School Sunday

What we did last week? Um, let's test mom's recall. The end of the week got away from me but that happens sometimes.
Math-finished Rightstart B. It only took a month. He knew this stuff but not as well as I wanted. He took the end test and got 100% A+. That matters to him. We played math games on Thursday and Friday. Timezattack and cosmic math. We'll start C tomorrow
LA-We finished mind mapping, venn diagrams and book reports. He is reading Jake Drake, Class Clown on his own and we're reading Mr. Popper's Penguin's together. It'll be done mid week and I'm thinking of reading some Lois Lowry (Gooney Bird Greene or The Willoughby's). He also did a chapter of vocab on homographs and a couple pages of a spectrum workbook to practice bubble tests.
History-we worked through ancient India, China, Africa and some early western world stuff. He likes me to read while he's on the trampoline. I worried about his long term retention but he spent a long car trip on Saturday explaining Gilgamesh and early rice farming to his sisters so he's retaining something, lol. For the record, Gilgamesh is wicked cool. The labryinth and the minotaur are good too. Next week on to the Greeks. That should take some time.
Science-Still working on weather. Worked our way through atmosphere, clouds, storm formation, lighting, thunder, etc. I think we'll continue this week. I'd really like him to understand fronts and weather formation.

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Paula said...

I'll bet you've got a genius on your hands...