Friday, June 17, 2011

Round Up Of The Week

A fun but busy week. If I thought things would be slower post Bible school I was wrong.

L did basket weaving, hemp jewelry and crochet classes. She also took a placement test to see if pre-algebra is where she needs to be next year. She also filled up her library summer reading sheet. She also worked concessions at the ball park.

F-man did a bowling class on Wednesday and of course did vision therapy daily. He also did math, Writing Strands and read, read, read. Yeah!

Miss Mel-she did bowling with F-man along with dance. Math, LA and reading happened and baseball of course.

Miss Ads is quickly working her way through Before Five In A Row books and did dance.

Don't think it's all work though...lots of swimming, playing, friends and ice cream have been enjoyed too.


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