Monday, June 13, 2011

Week #2

Well, we went from humid, hot August like weather back to cool, sunny May weather. Both of which are fine but it's June. Probably not much swimming this week. Here's what we do have
L-crochet, hemp jewelry and basket making. She's also working concessions at the ball park and orthodontist Thursday.
Miss Mel-two baseball games and bowling and dance on Friday. We'll start CLE math 204 and we're still working on first grade LA
F-man-the boy is lucky enough to have lots of friends in town and at 10 they are all old enough to go off on their bikes. He will also do bowling with Mel. He will continue Math 407, Writing Strands and library reading.
Miss Ads-dance on Friday and listening to library books.

The older kids continue running, dentist appointments and hanging out.