Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer Day 2

I can't imagine I'll remember to make daily posts, but this will hopefully let me look back in August and remember we did do more that sit around.

Today's Line Up
deliver kid who stayed all night after Bible School
Mel~math and LA lesson, read 30 minutes
F~man~math, writing strands lesson, read 30 minutes, vision therapy

F-man will go to Bluffton MMO with me to hang with a friend while Lily is at drawing class. The weather is gray and drizzly today instead of 100 degrees so we may bake this afternoon. We might fit in a game of science trivia too. Mel has a baseball game scheduled tonight but it's not looking good for that. The day could change though. We also have night 4 of Bible School. They have had fun but it runs until 8:30 which has made for a cranky Ads. We're early to bed, early to rise people. Can't help it.


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