Monday, January 24, 2005

Funny Things They Say

I was informed yesterday that Superman comes from the planet CROUTON! How do you not laugh at that?

Well, the snow they kept harping on was not that big of a deal. We got about 6 inches. It did make for a weekend full of sledding. I just wish it hadn't been below zero! I like being toasty warm too much. We broke down and gave S his birthday present early. He requested a snow board. I was afraid that by next week Murphy's Law would have ordained it be 60 and no snow. He had a great time and both he and C used the board pretty well. I averted my eyes when they started going over the snow ramps the kids always build. They looked so darn old standing on the board. It makes me long for the days when my pulling them around in a sled was enough excitement. At least Mel is still happy with that entertainment. I had to be a mean mommy and tell F absolutely no way was a 3 yo going to try to use the snow board. Poor kid, he spends alot of energy trying to be just like his heros, his big brothers, who he evidently thinks came from the planet Crouton.

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