Saturday, January 15, 2005

No Excuses

I've just been too lazy to post since I don't really have anything earth shattering to say. The weather has been freaky. (You know it's bad when you resort to talking about the weather.) It was 60 degrees on Wednesday. The kids didn't have school though because snow on the ground and 60 in the air makes really really dense fog. Of course it also caused all the snow to melt and the flooding to begin. Luckily we don't live too close to the river, but the sump pump has been working overtime. Friday the kids were out of school again (by now it was back to about 15 degrees,*sigh*) for semester end. The YMCA had a Kid's Fitness Day so I took them to play basketball and swim along with pool, ping pong, shuffle board and air hockey. It killed three hours for my oldest four and the girl I babysit for. I took the youngest two to the library after running some errands. Today I gave the boys haircuts and took L and myself for a haircut. I could cut hers but it somehow always ends up crooked and she won't let me use the clippers, lol. The boys are much easier. I also had to get new shoes for S. I looked at his feet and relized that the toe was no longer attatched to the sole. Oooops! me: why didn't you mention that? him: oh, I didn't notice either Boys!!! Since I'm finally on the computer unmolested I think I'll update my food blog. If you're really bored check it out. The link is on the side. Mel has decided that my sitting in the computer chair is the time to either scream!!! or climb up on the computer table. Think she's spoiled??? She is a princess, damn it, and don't forget it!!

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