Thursday, May 12, 2005

Easy Come, Easy Go( or how to go broke in one morning)

Pretty boring here. The weather has turned cold and rainy again. I went to the grocery store this morning -$94.00, gassed up $11.00, went to liquor store (trust me, this was necessary) $29.00, filled an Rx $10.00. $154.00-poof! I sent dh off to work to recoup our losses. What else has been going on? Tuesday we went to a minor league baseball game. The weather was still nice so it was fun. Yesterday it hailed, then turned humid. Maybe I'm not looking forward to summer after all. I also replaced screens in 4 windows. Grasshoppers insist on eating our screen, then when they make a hole my kids oblige them by making it bigger. I am now the queen of spline! I also bought some paint for ds's room. Now for it to warm up so I can open the windows and not pass out while I paint it. Tonight is dance practice, Friday is Cub Scouts and Saturday is a blur of baseball and dance performances at the local "arts festival". There will be elephant ears available though, hmm.....

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