Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day Pic--notice the patriotic hat
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I have to confess, I'm some sort of manic/depressive housework/home improvement weirdo. I can go quite some time with no desire to do much here at home and then....I'm hit by some sort of frenzy and once I get started forward momentum pulls me along (at least for awhile, there's no perpetual motion afterall). Since Friday I've cleaned 4 rooms of carpet, took up a horrible carpet like substance from the upstairs hallway, painted three kids rooms, a desk and touched up all the spots where paint was chipped in the living room. I wish I knew what brought on these fits, then I could conjure one at will. I can literally go years between the desire to paint. I have now used up all the brushes, rollers and paint I had on hand so I'll have to be done awhile. I could, theoretically, still repaint the dining room (not that we dine there) and paint the outbuilding/playhouse. We'll see if I run down before I get to the store for more supplies.


Anonymous said...

Wish you would come here before the mood passes - I'm sure I could find lots for you you to do :-)


Chris said...

I do this too. But I only seem to go about a month or so between them. Of course I live in a hovel so I have to keep at it ;-)