Monday, May 09, 2005

Play Ball

Gee, do you think she's been to too many ball practices?
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"Real" ball games start next week. L is playing T-ball, C is playing Little League and E is playing Sr. Girl's Softball. C's team is made up almost totally of 3rd graders. The league is 3-6 grade and his team is all 3rd except one 5th grader. It should be a really, really long year. E moved up to Sr. League this year, 7th -12th grade. She is half the size of the other girls. I hope no one slides into her. I guess I better get to the store this week and stock up on more antihistimines (allergies) and plenty of mosquito-be-gone.


Chris said...

What a cutie. I am guessing you all survived the rice ;-)

We took an almost identical photo of L. this weekend.

JellyMom said...

What a great picture!