Tuesday, July 26, 2005


It never fails to amaze me how a whole chunk of the day can be wasted doing stupid errands. I left home this morning about 9:00 and drove 40 miles to retrieve dd's saxaphone. I took it in to be cleaned, etc in prep for the coming year. (Oh goody, more saxaphone concerts.) We went on to the kids' clothing resale shop where I sold some stuff and bought some shoes, a lunch bag and a dress so L would have at least one. I had taken the older boys with me and we drove cross town to a trade/sell video store. I know how they feel when they are shopping with me now. I find the whole gaming thing dull, dull, dull. They made their trades. We then drove back to our nearer town to get ds an actual hair cut. I've always cut the kids' hair, but since he's entering middle school he thought a style that doesn't rely on his constant movement to look even would be a good idea. I then had to go to the bank to cash in change (especially since I had just been all these places). An entire four hours wasted, when I could have been reading more of my book, wah!!!

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