Thursday, July 07, 2005

So Much For Relaxing

Yesterday was slated to be a quiet day, but you know how that goes. Dh's sister and BIL and niece stopped in on their way home to MI. It was good to see them. I then had to run to town for some things resulting in it suddenly being 12:30. I quickly packed for dd and we left at 2:00 for her camp. She was fine with me leaving. In fact her words as I tried to kiss her were "yeah, yeah, you can go now." We got home at 5:00, I threw food at people and we made it to the ball park by 5:30. E played at 6:00 in the championship game and they won! Woo hoo! Now, as dh says, we have a $.50 cent trophy instead of the usual $.25 one. Ds played at 8:00. They were in the losers bracket but managed to pull out their second win of the season that night, so he plays again on Monday. I'm not sure how L's t-ball team did. I can't say I missed trying to squeeze in a third game at a second park. I guess I'll call her coach when she gets home to see if she's still playing. After all the baseball fun, dh decided to tear up the subfloor in the bathroom, so we are down to one bathroom again for who knows how long. And I was just getting used to being a two bathroom family, darn it!

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Bernadette said...

Finding a piece of quiet gets easier...and it's not all its cracked up to be!