Monday, July 25, 2005

Feeling hot, hot , hot!

Like the rest of the country, we are suffering from a heat wave. Yesterday the heat index was 106. Personally, I think once it's past 95 they ought to just say it's hot as h*ll and leave it at that. This morning (before it got hot, lol) I took the kids and did some errands. As a treat (for them, certainly not for me) we stopped last at the 4-H fair. This is a really rural fair, there are no rides or carnival games. We admired chicks, and pigs and goats and starter calves. Except for a slight bought of fistcuffs near the giant cabbage display, we made it out drenched in sweat but alive. We stopped at the dairy stand and I bought chocolate milkshakes for all. Mel is still clutching the cup, hoping it will somehow refill by magic. I'm off to soak in my bathwater temp pool now.

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Paula said...

well, this is our 4-H week. Mine have declined to do anything but an animal, one rabbit, this year. You made me laugh at what one the hs in 4-H is for. Too true! We have also been threatened to be consumed by prepartory events, and I can't wait to spend a nice long hot day at the fair this week.