Friday, July 01, 2005

A Fabulous Festival

This weekend is our little town's summer festival. It will feel even more like Mayberry than ever. Today there are all kinds of rummage sales, and the used book sale at the library (my personal favorite event.) This evening is the parade. Three of the kids are in it this year with their ball teams. Ball teams, chuches, 4-H, girl scouts, boy scouts, lot of tractors, the bank will all be there along with bands. I could be riding on the church float but decided to sit on the sidelines and let the little two collect candy. I just enjoy seeing them react. Parades are still a novelty to them. After the parade there will be a concert but my family and I will buy elephant ears and stand around visiting with friends. Saturday is full of events (oreo stacking, pedal tractor pull, family fued, etc.) We, however, will be attending a wedding in the afternoon. Let's see, Saturday night there is a rodeo. Sunday is a town wide church service, a demolition derby and fireworks. I should be quite thoroughly exhausted by Sunday night.


Perri said...

Life in small town Indiana. You have to love it. I know I do. We live down south by Evansville - how about you?

Bernadette said...

You lead a charmed life--I love a parade!