Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Back to School

Here they are scrubbed, polished and clad in new underwear!
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I once again proved what a geek I am by mentioning to a group of friends how sad I am that they are gone all day. It was unanimously decided that I am truly weird as they all can't wait to get their kids out the door. In an effort to avoid a day of the blues for me and boredom for F and Mel I attended the said get together with friends and went to the "big" library in that town. F ignored all attempts to get a lovely, educational book and checked out Batman comics.

The funniest comment of the day. F wanted to play castle. His instuctions to Mel were "you be the soldiers and I'll be the burger king." Burger king?? What kind of royalty is that?


another lisa said...

Hi! We have lots of kids too... (ages 8, 14, 15, 18, 19, 21,21) I know what you mean about back to school blues... we are all feeling that these days...we have two weeks left before school starts.

Jody said...

They look so very clean.

I KWYM about the quiet house. 3 of mine are off to school this week, so it is just Mia and I at home. Very strance and lonely.

But, there is something to say for floors that you can walk on without stepping on Bionicle pieces or some other sharp toy. My house stays relatively clean until around 3:30, then all it takes is 30 minutes and I am stepping over stuff again.

But I miss them alot during the day.

Chris said...

Burger King... LOL.

Anne said...

If you're geeky missing them, then me too.

We have a few here (16,13,8,6,4,1) and when the top 4 go off to school next week I'll be miserable!

Until I realize there isn't anyone fighting...... :)