Thursday, August 04, 2005


How does a child who never saw a cradle get cradle cap (at 21mo no less)?

How can children who stay lean ingest bushels, yes bushels of food daily?

How did I, a queen of denial who is sure it's all going to be all right, marry the most pessimistic human being on earth?

Why are there no hotel suites near the Toldeo Zoo, causing me to reserve two rooms, one of which will probably never be slept in?

Why am I taking the most pessimistic human being on earth with me to vacation in Toledo?

When did my life get so pathetic that my vacation consists of a zoo, a cave and a science museum? In freaking Toledo, Ohio??!! Now Toledo, Spain, then we'd be talkin'.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Sounds like you are living my life, except you are taking an exciting vacation compared to me. We're staying home to work on the house. Fun times!