Sunday, August 28, 2005

Easily Amused

On Saturday L had her official party, her first one. She had several little friends over. It was a beach/pool themed party. At least this kid who wants to swim for their birthday had the forethought to be born in August (versus the winter trend here). We had a bucket of sand cake
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tons of swimming, water balloons, water guns, a pinaqua ( a water pinata) and then a Little Pony Palooza.

Today we took the kids to a regional amusement park. It is still a family owned operation but pretty good size. Their unfortunate advertising campaign, however, has a really obnoxious song about "there's more than corn in Indiana". The kids had a wonderful time, eating junk, riding and re-riding, playing arcade games. F (who is 4) needed me to ride most things with him. This would explain why 1) I am his hero for letting him do all the driving in the bumper cars the 7 times we rode them and 2) I am currently sipping a really nice chardonay and considering a third glass.

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Bernadette said...

Beach birthday parties, amusement parks, chardonnay?! What do you think this is...summer vacation?! That cake--WOW!