Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Happy Birthday Lily

Today Miss L turns 7. SEVEN! How did that happen.
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I named you after a delicate flower but Sam or Nick or someother androgynous name would have been better. You are tough, smart and unstoppable. You like animals of all kinds. I believe you still harbor hopes of getting a horse. For now you're content with dogs and cats. You are a loving sister to Mel, change diapers like a pro and are willing to play sandbox for a long time with her. You also fight your older brothers fearlessly, and anyone else (adult or not )who gets in the way of something you want. I'm hoping a little less fearlessness and a little more respect slips in somewhere. You have friends and seem well liked, but I have to admit, from what I've heard you're choreographing what you will all be playing. I have no worries about you doing whatever you want in life. I just hope no one makes the mistake of slowing down in front of you because steam train Lily is coming through!


Bernadette said...

What a sweetheart! Look out, world! How can you know Lily so well when you have so many?

*taking tongue out of cheek*

Jody said...

She sounds marvelous!!!

Happy Birthday Lily!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Lily!

I love the picture, it seems to capture the essence of her personality :-)