Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Eleven Long Years

Yesterday C turned eleven. It is a testament to my superior mothering that he has made it to this age alive and also a testament to the human desire to pass on their genetic material that I haven't personally killed him. He didn't have a party since he suffers from December birthday syndrome in which his parents are busy and so are those of all his friends. After Christmas I will take him and a friend laser tagging instead. What to say about C. If you ever wondered what that really brilliant but odd mathematics professor was like as a child I now know. He really is very, very bright but dealing with people, lets just say if he goes into medicine it better be anesthiology so all his patients will be asleep and won't notice his bedside manner. He asked for an alarm clock for his birthday. I was happy to deliver. Cheapest gift I'll buy all year, LOL.

The Birthday Cake
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The Birthday Boy
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Jody said...

Happy belated birthday C!!