Thursday, December 28, 2006

Post Christmas Post

Christmas was a rousing success. My boys have again proven that electronics+y chromosomes=entertainment. The older two got PS2 games and movies. Youngest ds got a leapster. We have hardly seen them since. Mel recieved an aquadoodle which I've caught all of them drawing on, L got a fur real kitten and E got money. I took her and a friend shopping yesterday. She got a cord jacket, a hoodie, 3 t-shirts and a cami and 3 pair of earrings for $80 which I thought was very good. Today I took the kids swimming at the Y just to get them some exercise. They all now look glazed over and want to know when dinner will be ready. I can't believe their break is almost over. They go back Jan 2 and didn't get out until Dec 22. I like them being home and 9 days break just doesn't seem like enough.

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novaks8 said...

Glad you all had a Merry Christmas!