Thursday, December 21, 2006


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There was a discussion earlier in the month about family traditions. I, following my tradition, was ignoring Christmas at that point but now I'm beginning to feel festive so here goes:

I would like to say we have a lovely Advent Calendar tradition but truthfully, we skip 3 or 4 days until someone remembers it and then they stick all the stuff up at once to catch up.

I've tried to read Christmas stories in the evening before, no takers here.

I know some families make an occasion out of the tree. I have to beg mine to decorate it.

BUT, we do these things

1) Eat far too much sugar. This is especially extended to Christmas morning where breakfast is traditionally all your sock candy. Lunch and dinner are often cake, cookies and more candy for the kids.

2) On Christmas Eve evening we go to church, come home and I force them to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. This gets harder every year but I must do this for me.

3) Every gift must be wrapped, not necessarily in actual Christmas paper, but it must be secreted. We open in turns, youngest to oldest, one at a time. This keeps Christmas morning lasting for more than 30 seconds.

4) Bleary mama and tired daddy will indulge in mimosas all morning in an attempt to stay jolly.

Dh's family lives hours and hours from us. We usually do see my brother, dad and families somewhere around Christmas but on that day my brother goes to SIL's parents and my dad and his wife go to her dd's, so it's just us. That is why we can drink!

Oh, and I always save some presents back for 12th night when we have a king cake and chalk the door. I like making the season last and 12th night is something hardly anyone does so that makes them feel special.


Jody said...

Cool on the 12th night celebration!

#1 sounds familiar, and ditto on Christmas Eve service.

#4 might need to find its way into our life!

Anonymous said...

I think your holiday traditions seem great. numbers 1 and 4 are right up my street, and number 12 sounds wonderful for making good family memories!