Monday, December 18, 2006

Fight, for your Right, to Paaaarty

We went to dh's Christmas party Saturday night. It was a good time, good music and surprisingly a good band. We hadn't done a strictly adult evening together since, oh, probably last Christmas. Do we live exciting lives or what? I've been making gifts in a jar to give to all the people you owe a gift to but don't really want to buy something for. I try not to do this until after they have given me something of course. This years gifts are cinnamon pancake mix and hot cocoa mix with Christmas marshmallows. This is how those of us whose own family eats the cookies and candies as fast as you can make them give food. Our neighbors sent a nice plate of food on Sunday and it is long gone. I got one stinking piece of toffee. I'm living with locusts. I also hope tonight to go full court press on wrapping. We remove those *&#% twisty ties and put batteries in everything. My kids are all about instant gratification and will not be waiting Christmas morning for me to do that. No siree. The Colts are playing the Bengals tonight so I will send the kiddies to bed, put on the game, crack open a beer and hopefully not throw tape and scissors at the TV.

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