Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Random Thoughts

So, what I thought was the stomach virus that wouldn't quit was our peanut butter. Why, on why, wasn't I a choosy mom?

Last Wednesday this time-No school-blizzard. This Wednesday-No school-fog, because now the air is warm and the snow isn't and the fog froze on everything. Stay tuned, next week drought! or locusts!

It's Ash Wednesday today and I drove by a house with it's Christmas lights on last night. Huh?

Everyone send labor vibes to my friend . Let's get that little boy here soon.


Gretchen said...

Woohoooo!!!! Congratulations! When I first read your reason for the "virus" I read that it was your "peanut" not "peanut butter" - and that is true for *you* at least, LOL. Here's hoping that the nausea slacks off some for you soon!

Oh, and thanks for the labor vibes, let's hope they are working!


Shannon said...


Jody said...

AHHHH! I love it! Congratulations!