Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lung Removal

I'm still trying to remove my lungs through my esophagus. I've been so worn out I haven't posted in a week, oops! Hmm, what's been going on? The boys went camping last weekend. It snowed. Fun, fun. Everything they brought home was soaked. I went ice skating with the Brownies. I'm sure I cut quite a Kristi Yamaguchi-like figure, 20 weeks pregnant and coughing. Sooooo attractive. Sports are runnning full throttle. Last night (is Tuesday the only night of the week folks?) 2 soccer practices, 1 baseball practice and a boy scout meeting. I sent L with another family to soccer. I can only be so many places, right? They told me when they got home about what a delight she had been. She is not a delight here, WTF? I guess she went on and on about what a nice family they had and how it's great they do things together and like being together so much. Hello! Thus suggesting we are knuckle-dragging yokels who don't give our own kids love, attention and horizon expanding activities. And I will note, she has not been a delight here this week at all! It must be due to our apathetic child rearing.

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