Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So, lots of people have asked me "Are you changing the name of the blog?" I can't think of anything even vaguely amusing concerning the number 7. Do any of you have any thoughts? Got a name you think is funny, even if it has nothing to do with numbers? Otherwise, we're keeping the same boring name folks. Now as for the name of the baby-anybody got any ideas about that either?????


Anonymous said...

How about The Magnificent 7 for the blog name.

Natcha said...

I would say Thelucky7

griffmama said...

How about 7's Heaven? Current favorite baby Names: Ella, Lena for a girl
Boy: Blake, Liam, Graham (even though it reminds me of a sweet, but drunken, bus driver...)

ohsandohs said...

The moniker that came to me is very close to griffmama's: "sevenfromheaven".

Favorite names (that I wish I could use!): Susanna,(actually Susanna Grace...), Sabrina, Brileigh. For boys: Quinn, Tanner.