Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LOK Kitchen Challenge

I finally remembered to do the LOK Kitchen Challenge. To make it fair I just picked a day and then tallied it up. It was a close thing. I came in $1.00 under budget but it gives a true picture of what we eat. It also doesn't figure that there are 2 more breakfasts in that canister of oatmeal, or leftovers for dh's lunch from the spaghetti. Here's my entry.

Oatmeal and an orange. This is pretty typical for us. I really try for the five-a-day thing. It would be cheaper without the oranges. I could have bought canned oranges, peaches, applesauce. Something cheaper but this is what we really had and I wanted this to be true to life.

Bag Oranges-$2.99
Canister oats-$1.39

Peanutbutter sandwich, carrot sticks,and a banana. Lunches are pretty simple here. My older kids take their lunch to school. I usually make a bunch of sandwiches (peanut butter, hummus, jelly, ham) and keep in the freezer so they just have to grab some. Dh usually takes leftovers if possible but his favorite food on earth is a peanut butter sandwich so he's easy to feed.

Peanut butter $1.29
Bread $0.75
carrots $1.50
bananas $0.86

Spaghetti&sauce, salad, homemade bread. A favorite and filling. We probably have italian pasta weekly. I don't usually put meat in our spaghetti. Our oldest is a vegetarian and this way she'll eat. With the carrots and banana from lunch and the tomato sauce and salad I just made the five-a-day thing. I just wanted to prove you can eat a balanced, reasonably priced diet. We dress our salad with oil/vinegar, a very small amount so I didn't include that.

ww pasta $1.50
sauce $0.99
saladx2 $1.98
hm bread $0.75 (may be cheaper, figured store cost)

Total Day $14

I do need to note that my family really will eat an entire loaf of bread with a meal. It's that 14yo boy! Don't let your babies become man sized!

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ma said...

I like all the food posts. I've always wanted to figure out what we spend on a meal but I never get around to it.