Thursday, October 16, 2008


Finally we were all well enough to go somewhere fun. I took the little girlies to Mother's Meeting this morning. It was good to speak to other adults for awhile. The weather is cooler today. We've had an unusually warm fall (not that I'm complaining.) It has been so nice to let the kids play outside for hours after school. We are not a family that takes well to staying inside. Another plus is that the garden is still spitting tomatoes and green peppers at me. I made this soup yesterday. It was really good and used up all those ping pong sized tomatoes.
Not too much else going on, E is stressing over possibly getting an A-, C&S are going camping this weekend, we have our next to last soccer game Saturday. I guess that's about it. Life is always busy here, yet it's just ordinary busyness. That's the best kind though. Hear me fates, I am NOT tempting you.

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