Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lazy Man's Pierogi

If anyone has ever made pierogi, you know it takes forever. They make frozen ones but it takes 3 bags to feed us. Not frugal so, I googled around and found this. We like it. I usually add crumbled, cooked bacon or some sliced kielbasa. I like mine with sauerkraut too.
From Cooks.com
10 to 12 potatoes, boiled and mashed
14 oz. sharp white cheddar cheese, grated
2 sticks butter
2 onions, diced
1 lb. lasagna noodle, cooked
Salt and pepper to taste
Cook potatoes. While still hot mash and add cheese. Beat with mixer. Saute onions in melted butter until soft. Add 1/3 of onion-butter mixture to potatoes and season to taste. Grease a 9 x 13 inch baking dish. Put a layer of noodles on bottom of pan, spread a layer of potato mixture. On top alternate layers ending with noodle on top. Pour rest of butter and onion over top. Cover and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. May be microwaved.


ma said...

oh, we'll have to try that.

Pam's Pride said...

Thanks Lisa!