Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I am pretty much creatively challenged but even I could make these. They are knock off baby legs, which I made for Ad but this pair has been commandeered by Mel. She insists on calling them Crazy Legs. Don't they look great with that red velvet Christmas dress we still insist on wearing? Mel is a dress girl but usually ends up with her warm tight's crotch hovering near her knees. These are actually a good compromise. I added some ruffle to the bottom of the pair Mel is wearing. Ad's pair has little hearts all over them and are just finished at the bottom and are sweet, sweet, sweet. Of course now L wants some and I'm not sure I will be able to find knee socks big enough. Knee socks must be very out since I had trouble finding these.


Melanie said...

How do you make them? Just cut the feet off knee socks and hem the bottom?

Dot said...

Target!!! They have knee socks. Or you could learn to knit them yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Walmart carries knee socks as a fashion item, so they get them periodically. They probably have Valentines knee socks right now.