Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random Thoughts

SCHOOL IS CLOSED! That is just cruel. I only sent them off yesterday. (yes, they went back on a Tuesday. Why?) So much for that cup of tea and uninterrupted web surfing.

I'm going to Karen's because I need it straight from the bottle about now.

I need time to calmly refute many of the comments aboutchildren as a financial burden. This one always gets me exercised. People assume I'm making my children live like paupers or waifs because we don't spend crazy gobs of money. Does this child look deprived?

I have a bag of carrots and cauliflower laying neglected in the freezer so I'm making this soup for lunch. And the snow bound kids can eat it or make friends with the peanut butter. Pffft.

See, I haven't wasted my time here at the computer after all.

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