Friday, January 30, 2009

Freaking Friday

No not freaky, freaking. Schools are closed once again. I have a freaking out 16yo who left a project at school and doesn't know how she'll finish (it's due Wednesday, but my straight A's dd can freak out like no one else), I've got two teen boys who would have stayed in bed if they had known, one 10yo who can't deal with my new way of making pancakes (square not round 'cause I bake 'em, seriously, why didn't I think of this before), a 7yo already glued to his ds and a grumpy 5yo who WANTS TO GO TO SCHOOL! Oh, and Miss Clingypants who is having a phase, and the eight other people in this house must entertain her or she needs her mother!!! Overall it'll be fine having them home, it'll sure make shoveling easier, but now they will have to go to school until May 26th. I'd much rather have them home in May when it's nicer weather and I know we'll be at some baseball game way too late at night for school to be fun the next day. Ah well....

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