Friday, January 16, 2009


So how geeky and lame do you have to be to spend a whole evening playing Risk with your kids?


truth said...

So, is it a fun game? I've never heard of it. I guess I am geeky too. (Well, I suppose it depends on the game since I'm not sure on that one, lol.)

Annalise said...

We like Risk here too. It's one of the only board games that don't make me want to kill myself to end the boredom.

Kim said...

We used to go to my parents' and play Risk all the time when we were first married. Then kids came along and there wasn't enough time to do it. I've tried to get my older kids to get into it but the younger kids still try to mess up the game.

I saw that my sister gave one of my kids a Risk game for their DS. I'm waiting for the right moment to snitch it and try it out.

BTW...a little birdy told me to say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

truth said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!!!