Friday, April 17, 2009

Family Friday

A busy week here at Chez Lisa. S is taking driver's training class which means two trips to town M-Th. That's two hours out of my day I can't really spare. Include soccer practices, baseball practices, track meets, homeschool, preschool, oh, and little things like laundry and feeding the family. At least boredom's not a problem.
E made Top 25 in her class again. She is ranked #3 out of 500 and some kids. I'm not sure she's my daughter. At least I don't need to worry about her work ethic, because she didn't get there on her natural ability. F is zipping along in his homeschool curriculum. He does a web based program with lots of video. If he thinks it's a computer game he's way more willing to pay attention, and like his mama, paying attention isn't his strong suit. The other kids are doing fine. Lily is chafing at her physical restrictions from her appendectomy but they will be gone next week. Keeping my little tomboy quiet isn't easy. Connor won the 200m last night in his track meet and came in 3rd in the long jump. He was badly overmatched by what appeared to be grown men in the 400m. He's hoping he'll hit a growth spurt soon, lol. I'm sure other things have happened but my mind is like a sieve. Here's a picture from Wednesday. I am not a very political person but S really, really wanted to go. He is very interested in politics and government and I don't want to squelch that.

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