Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thinking Thursday

I'm almost ready to make the whole post
We've had way too much rain, combined with the joys of track meets. They really do go together in my experience.

On to the real post. I wanted a heading for some of the stuff we've been doing for homeschool. One of the resources I like is
Mindsprinting. It is free, but they are in need of enrollees to stay on line. Check them out. Our main curriculum source is Time4Learning. F has made great progress with this. Hand the child a worksheet or piece or paper and total melt down occurs. Reading to him, ho hum, but something that looks like video, he's there. Ideally it would be nice to just let him follow his interests but to say that they are narrow is an understatement. This is a nice middle ground. I do fill in with some worksheets (he usually answers the questions out loud unless I FORCE him to write the answers), movies and documentaries, experiments and field trips. Of all things his favorite experiment so far has been about germs. Have the child rub lotion into his hands, sprinkle on glitter. Let him run his hands under water. Did the glitter germs come off? Now try it with soap. This seems to have made an impression where 8 years of my telling him did not.

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