Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday's Menus

After a week of playing for spring break, it's use up what we've got week here.
Mon-beef stew and biscuits, grapes
Tue-chicken fajitas, corn,oranges
Wed-stroganoff over noodles, broccoli,apple crisp
Thu-hamburgers, fries, green beans, cookies
Fri-pizza, ice cream
Sat-cheese manicotti, carrots, peaches
Sun-pepper steak on rice, pears, cookies

Everything homemade this week.
Things will be very busy here the next three weeks. We've got lots of activity overlap happening
S had driver's training M-Th from 4-6:30 for three weeks. That means two trips to town at least.
We also have 4 playing soccer, 3 playing baseball and 1 running track. Lots and lots of driving coming my way. Note that most of the food is the make ahead/warm up later variety. If I fall down on the job there's always peanut butter.

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