Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring? Break

Today starts my kids' spring break from school. I figured it was pretty late this year and we'd have good weather. Instead it's beginning to look alot like Christmas out there. I, of course, just bought the girls lovely , sleeveless Easter dresses and sandals. That'll be comfortable.
The menu this week? All I know is lots of food will be consumed if they are home all day.

Mon-meatloaf, carrots, potatoes, chocolate cupcakes
Tue-DD's bday meal-minestrone soup, homemade breadsticks, cheerio bars (no cake, she's weird)
Wed-stroganoff over noodles, broccoli, cookies
Thu-turkey, dressing, green beans, rolls, brownies
Fri-tacos, corn, ice cream
Sat-pizza, relishes, cookies
Sun-Easter Dinner at my dad's-bring on the ham

Next week will feature hard boiled eggs in every way I can think of

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