Friday, May 22, 2009

Family Friday or Why I Don't Post

Notice her version of a batting glove. Think she's been to too many games?

Monday -3 soccer practices and a Boy Scout Committee meeting-which S has to attend because he's head poobah, I mean Senior Patrol Leader
Tue-3 baseball games at 6-7 & 8 and a regular Boy Scout Meeting
Wed-tilled the garden, now to buy plants to go in it, worked in the yard, cleaned the house, oh the excitement
Thu-Phil had blood draw in morning, soccer practice at 5, ball games at 6 and 7:30, E and S had afterschool stuff, dinner in shifts (which I hate)
Fri-S has party he needs picked up from, E has study group, BUT no baseball or soccer all weekend not even the usual soccer practice tonight, I think dh and I are going to friends to grill hot dogs and I'm leaving C to babysit, like it or not
Sat-Phil is working this weekend and it might be nice to get some food so I guess I'll go grocery shopping
Somehow school for F eats up the morning. He's not one to work independently for long. Riding his bike in endless circles outside is lots more interesting, along with dirt, water, bugs, worms,etc. etc. All that is good but you do have to be able to balance your check book and read a job ap so it's my job to , shall we say, redirect him?

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