Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I went to the doctor's office yesterday to get the 15yo a sports/camp physical only to find they had removed EVERY FREAKING TOY from their office. My kids loved that office and now thanks to germ nazi's there was nary a crayon or car to be found. Ad wanted to bathe in the water fountain, Mel wanted to crawl under the furniture and F whined about the little (and I do mean little) work I brought for him to do. And then we waited an hour and a half. I say, bring back the toys (and yes, I'd have brought some but I didn't because they always had really cool stuff and no one told me the toys were banned.) And for the record I often don't bother with sun screen or bug spray or shoes either. So there, I'm a neglectful parent who just wanted some peace in the doctor's office and I'm willing to risk germs to do it.

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truth said...

They removed the toys from our pediatrician's office too. I went in with my grandson and like you mentioned, would have brought things to entertain him, but didn't realize they'd done that.

I let my grandson ride in the front seat with me.

I don't like bike helmets because I think while wearing them, kids act like they are in their own little shelter and aren't as observant as they would be without. Just my own "neglectful" grandparenting/parenting, lol.