Monday, May 04, 2009

Menu and Catch Up

Week of May 3rd
Sun-broccoli cheese soup and 1 hr french bread
Mon-chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, peas
Tue-spaghetti&meatballs, bread sticks, salad
Wed-pepper steak, rice, oranges
Thu-taco skillet, corn
Fri-pizza (they want it weekly), ice cream
Sat-hog dogs, potato salad, fruit salad, s'mores

I'm not sure what happened to me posting last week. I kept thinking of posts but between all the stuff I've got going on time to sit down and actually type it never materialized. Tonight I'm ignoring all the practices, meets (sorry C, you'll have to walk home, etc) to attend the Honor Society installment. E is giving a speech. I hate not being able to be everywhere at once, but since ripping the curtain of time isn't one of my superpowers, I'll just have to choose.


truth said...

Weeks like that happen. You are still supermom!

Just when I fall in love with your one hour french bread, my daughter is diagnosed with Celiac Sprue. I've declared our home wheat-gluten free, to make it easier for her. Sigh. I miss that lovely bread.

NannyOgg said...

gah, i didn't even READ blogs, let alone post anything, so you still win ^^