Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

So last night coming home from softball practice a song comes on the radio. It has a line about smoke and ash. L doubled over in laughter. I, perplexed, asked why.
"Duh mom, that song said smokin' ass." Ah, and I thought I had two years before middle school with this one.

On the busy front. Monday was E's Honor Society induction. She is an officer and gave a speech. Dh and I sat very far back and wondered how we produced one of those kids. I've discovered that Pony League thinks practicing until 10pm is ok. Hey, I'm ready for bed here. Tonight is pre-school graduation. I'm wondering how I became one of those people who have high schoolers and pre-schoolers. I figured out that Ad will be starting 1st grade the year E graduates college. Ack! How many more years of sports and clubs and dancing and running is that? S has a horrible cold. I am feeling sorry for him from across the room. F is nearly done with his 2nd grade curriculum and I'm starting on 3rd grade stuff. No reason to wait. Mel is doing Kindergarten stuff with me too and is sooo close to reading. Someone asked me if we had plans for Memorial Day. I said that it was the only day in May not filled in on my calendar. They laughed and assumed I was joking. Don't I wish.


Dot said...

At Myles t-ball game the coach from the other team was yelling at his player to run and when I first heard it it sounded like he was saying RUN ASS, but then I realized that he was actually saying RUN ASH!

Congrats to E!!!

Memorial Day is also the only day on my calendar not filled. I took a picture of it and emailed it to my sister, I think she fainted!

truth said...

LOL, sounds like your pre-junior higher will keep life interesting for a very long time. Will help you get through those many years left of driving to games and such.