Monday, February 15, 2010


So the blog has been languishing because life keeps getting in the way.

Yesterday E and I went to her college of choice for aid day. Surprise, surprise, nothing from the government (well, except loans but we're not going there) but the college did give her $2900 based on needs. That combined with her academic scholarship sure helps. We're hopeful that some of the other scholarships she's applied for will come through. Come on Lilly Scholarship!! Or anything for that matter. After that I had to fly to a Girl Scout meeting. So much for romance on Valentine's Day.

Last week thanks to the snow the older kids were home for three and a half days. They did go to school Friday and then they are off again today for President's Day. The homeschool kids were not enthused that they did not get a snow day. Having the other kids around does make it more difficult to get things done. Not that they did nothing, I have to say that E, S and C all worked ahead for stuff in school and L devoured more books. I think it's just the principal of the thing that irks F and Mel. We did accomplish some things:

We worked on our
Writing with Ease
Spelling a couple days
Lots of reading aloud

F worked on fractions and multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit
We covered proper and common nouns and pronouns

I've gone ahead and moved Mel into first grade T4L.
We worked on her math facts that make 10

We talked about the olympics and President's Day. Truthfully they didn't really care so I just hit the highlights.
Spanish class is this afternoon. I hope to get in LA, Math, Science and History/SS this morning. Wish me luck.

They have both been watching Bill Nye Circulation in preparation for tomorrow's field trip. We're going to Science Central for a class in respiration and circulation. They don't want to go (they are so weird) but I know will have fun once we are there. After the class homeschoolers have run of the place for 2 hours.

C has a swim meet on Thursday and L has her first school basketball game that day too. Of course she plays in Upward BB on Saturday. Kid's Klub starts on Wednesday and Cubs are Friday. Tuesday I have to take the boys to Scouts but at least I don't help with that one.

I haven't stopped making menus. As if you were all waiting with bated breath.

Mon-roast, potatoes, carrots (thank you crock pot)
Tue-chicken alfredo, broccoli, oranges
Wed-beef stew, dumplings, grapes
Thu-spaghetti, salad, berries
Fri-tacos, beans, corn, ice cream
Sat-chili or potato soup, sandwiches, fruit salad

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