Saturday, February 20, 2010

School Saturday

So much to chew on this week. Last night I went with C to sign up for his high school classes. He was recommended for Honors Geometry, Honors English and Honors Biology. We skipped the honors English. Have they spoken with my son? He's also got the required PE, World History, German and required computer apps/career exploration. Then today I went with E for her further scholarship interview. We had to be there at 9am and of course she was in the last interview group at 1:30pm. We did get some good info on overseas study (I would so do that) and their fast forward program which is basically 4 years of college in 3 years. She signed up for more info on that and for more info on the honors program. Next week is middle school sign up. Now I just need to decide if I'm going to send Ads to preschool/play time for 1 day/week. I think it might be nice for her and for Mel and Fletch to have a little space where I"m not jumping up to get her while doing school with them. Ok, what did we get done this week?

It's kindergarten, so it doesn't look like much. She worked on memorizing all the addition facts for 10, more phonics and reading, science books from the library and our field trip, history was pretty much Abe and George. She also went to story time at two libraries with the attendant crafts.

Reading aloud from the reader
Verbs- action, linking, helping and verb phrases
Science-field trip and a further study of circulation/heart/respiration
Math-fractions and memorizing the multiplication tables cold and fast
History-rise of the Muslim empire

We also did a study in the mornings of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit which was a hit. We did lots of sledding and went to Spanish. It seemed like a full week. It doesn't look so impressive in print. Tomorrow is an open swim day at the local school so I think we're going to go and let them burn off some energy without me having to get cold.

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