Saturday, February 27, 2010

School Saturday

A relatively quiet weekend here so I have the chance to get this done early. Phil is working evenings this weekend so no big plans. A basketball game today and a Wii party tomorrow. That's it! This week we

F(3rd grade)
LA~We worked on adjectives and he took a quiz on them. He is reading A Knight at Dawn independently with narration and we're reading a bunch of world tales out loud.

Math~worked on multi-digit multiplication and introduced simple division

Science~finished up blood/circulation/respiration

History~Clovis and the Franks and the Islamic empire comes to Spain

LA~I moved her into the first grade reading program. We're just practicing, practicing and working on some phonics informally.

Math~I think she's finally got the 10's facts. I think this week we'll just play some math games. I don't want her to dislike math.

Science~we studied the weather and what to do in snowstorms, thunderstorms and tornadoes

SS~American symbols

We did Spanish class, library time (F played Oregon Trail while Mel went to story time/craft), Daisy Scouts and Cubs. We also went to a homeschool skating party on Tuesday and Kid's Klub on Wednesday so they're not lacking in social outlets. A pretty quiet week all in all.

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