Thursday, March 04, 2010


Reaching some milestones here. I put Miss Ads in a pull up Friday and by Sunday she was all 'do it myself' and since Monday she's been in cloth panties. How to live without diapers? It's been a looooonnnnggg time. I guess she's not officially a baby anymore (but she's MY baby darn it, even if I see her turn 40). Mel has a loose tooth. She's six so I guess it's later than some but my kids all got their teeth late too. Swim season and basketball roll on. S can take his driver's test anytime I can get him there. Not sure when that will be though. Oh, and Mr. Joy turned 50 on Monday. I don't think he was feeling the Happy Birthday vibe though.


truth said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Joyofsix, and congrats on getting everyone out of diapers!

NannyOgg said...

WOOHOO so many milestones!
Sylvia lost her first tooth recently, wah! That is my BABY!

Happy bday to The Joyful One ^^