Saturday, March 27, 2010

School Saturday

Went to the school carnival last night. The kids had fun (except F who had a stomach ache). He revived a little when we got home though and stayed up to watch some old cheesy movie with C about Jason and the Argonauts. It was evidently made in 1963 so the special effects were a hoot. E and S were out with the German Club bowling. Today we are celebrating F's birthday. It is really tomorrow but Palm Sunday is not a good day for a birthday party. He will be 9. Shocking to me! He still loves his mom though so it's all right. On to what we got accomplished this week:


LA-exclamatory, interrogative and declarative sentences ,reading in his reader .we're reading The Wizard of Oz out loud and another Encyclopedia Brown book ,he practiced LA and handwriting with copy work of how to write dates, months, days, etc and practiced his middle name in cursive, did vocab

Math-fractions, equivalent fractions (worked hard on this), area and kept on practicing the multiplication facts

History-finished the Vikings, he found them pretty interesting

Science-sound and pitch, he still needs to cement some of this so we'll probably do it next week too, he also googled a bunch of sea animals we saw in a documentary about coral reefs and drew them on his own, he doesn't do much creative stuff with drawing so this was good, they watched about three Magic School Bus episodes too

A quiet week for us. No Spanish or Cubs this week. He went to PE and Kid's Klub.


La-phonics reviewed sounds ar,th,sh,ng and read a decodable reader or two, she reads really well but doesn't seem to like too
of course she had stories read to her too

Math-she's got the 10's addition facts cold so we've moved on to addition up to 10

Science-the coral reef documentary and Magic School Bus, she also watched a video for younger kids about the woods which led to lots of discussion about birds and camouflage

SS-It's hard not to teach a kindergartner about the world. If I just answer all her questions she seems to learn a lot so we didn't do anything formal this week.

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