Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So after that quick drive by post, I had another cup of coffee, hunted up stuff for the 6yo to go to camp and again. with . the. lightening. 11yo is already at camp, spending the week. A glorious week of no showers, porta-potties and sleeping on the ground. The very wet ground. I'm also wondering how safe it is for her to be sleeping in a tent with lightening and thunder and gale force winds. The 6yo will just be going in the daytime. Which means as an extra special treat I get to drive her twice a day and listen to her griping about the heat, wet and bug bites over dinner. The piece de resistance is that the oldest two are going to go get meningitis vaccines today. I'm sure their arms may fall off if they are to be believed. And while I'm whining, the 14yo has scraped the garage in preparation to painting it. Evidently it will never be dry enough to paint it though, so it just adds to the Hillbilly Goodness that is our landscaping. Four cars sitting around. Check. Toys strung all over. Check. Popsicle sticks decorating all surfaces. Check. And now chipped off paint. I have arrived!

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