Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thanks to The Cheap Stuff

I think I've got a plan for next year, at least loosely. I'm not a real good plan follower. Cost was a real issue so I've put things together from the library, used curriculum sales and e-bay/amazon/half price books. I really like Sonlight but just can't afford a whole core so for my 4th grader we will be using

Writing/LS~Institute for Excellence in Writing SWI A~this will touch on spelling and grammar
Reading~Sonlight reader's list from the library
Read Alouds~Sonlight from library, we do these at night and they tie in very well with history
History~US from explorers to 1850, using The Complete Book of US History and lots of library stuff
Science~Christian Kids Explore Chemistry (he requested Chemistry)
Math~Rightstart D and possibly into E

Extras? Homeschool PE and field trips, Spanish, recorder, soccer, Cub Scouts

Mel is a little harder. She's been doing 1st grade stuff since Dec even though she was technically a kindergartner.

Writing~Writing with Ease
Reading~Bob Books, Sonlight Readers 1 and an old First Grade reader I have Reading is Fun
Read Alouds~Sonlight P4/5, Addie will listen in too I'm sure
History~America and My World
Science~Usborne Science Books and Health
Math~Rightstart B

Extras~PE, Spanish, Soccer, Daisy Girl Scouts

I also use the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence (What Your X Grader Needs To Know) to check for gaps. It can't be worse than what I remember 4th and 1st graders doing.

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