Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer School

A busy week here. It was hard to buckle down and do much after the fun of visitors and a couple weeks off. For my own memory, here's what we accomplished

F~started RS D, we only made it through 1.5 lessons but he's getting it which is more important than speed, continued reading The Door in the Wall and he read about Asia from a geography text. We began IEW and he has watched the dvd and done his KWO, today we write.

Mel~a couple easy phonics readers, some phonics review and 2 lessons of RS B, our read alouds have been classic fairy tales Three Billy Goats Gruff, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

F&Mel~Bible School which covered art, PE and music at least. We've also been reading for the library summer reading program.

Other kids? My public school kids don't escape. I guess technically what we do with them is called after schooling but I just consider it giving direction. C & L are doing IEW with F and L is taking free drawing and tennis lessons from the park department. Gotta love free. Oh, and summer reading programs. I leave the 16yo alone. I expect I'll leave C alone next year. They do alot of reading and watching educational stuff anyway. I think E is reading some required stuff for college.

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